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5 Interesting Health Tech companies - Feb '21

Bold Diagnostics

Bold diagnostics is developing a wearable cuffless blood pressure monitor.

How it works? It uses sensors to determine the difference in pulse wave arrival times between the right and left hands to obtain real-time blood pressure trends. Their preliminary clinical studies demonstrate a consistent difference in pulse arrival times and a strong correlation to changes in blood pressure. Building on these findings they have a pretty cool concept to measure one's blood pressure.

Bold Diagnostics is a venture formed through the Center for Device Development (CD2) at Northwestern’s Innovation and New Ventures Office (INVO)

Lura Health -

Dental wearble. Yes, Lura health is working on a single tooth wearable to measure oral acidity using saliva to personalize treatment and provide real time data to the patient and dentist.

On a side note they seem to be using Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52810 WL-CSP SoC for their solution.

Mojo Fertility

Mojo's to make access to fertility treatment more affordable and accessible by using AI and robotics technology to assist in sperm and egg quality analysis, selection and fertilization to reduce costs for clinics. It focuses on male fertility which has majorly been a black box.

Abilify Mycite

Though the concept of telemetry based radio pill was first cited to be developed by Bertil Jacobson at the Karolinska hospital in Stockholm, it recently got approvals from FDA in 2017. Abilify MyCite is an atypical antipsychotic used for the treatment of schizophrenia. The pill has an ingestable sensor that sends a message from the pill to a wearable patch on the patient, which then transmits to the device.


CRIAM is an in-vitro diagnostic company focused in the point of care area. CRIAM performs blood analysis for blood type, sub-type, nutrients and diseases in a portable way.

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