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Product Design Checklist

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Are you looking to develop a new product?

Don't know where to start or what all to cover. Read the following blog and download the checklist to make sure you're covered and don't miss anything crucial, without making your efforts process heavy.

1. Customer/Product Requirements: Jot down the product/performance requirements. eg. must be able to measure force to a resolution of 0.1 N, must be able to withstand autoclaving, etc.

a. Environment, Use condition & life of product : Where type of setting is the product going to be used, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Chemicals,etc.

b. Life of product: How long is the product supposed to be used before disposal/replacement/calibration

c. What is the tentative price range for the product.

2. Technology:

a. Are there any alternatives to the product. If yes what is the technology being used. List all potential technologies that can serve the purpose. This would also help you later to check that you are not infringing someone's intellectual property.

Read my blog on How to select a technology from multiple options if you're bogged with multiple choices.

3. Product:

a. Quantity- What is the quantity of products that would be produced

b. Market- Where will the product be sold?

Are product variants needed for the market?

Who is the target market?

c. Manufacturing- What is the manufacturing process that would be used?

Is there any special material requirement?

Is there any special appearence/finishing needed?

d. Packaging- How would the product be packaged for logistics adn delivery to users?

e. Logistics- Are there any special considerations for shipping

5. Safety & Testing

What geography are you planning the product to be sold in and are there any special safety or testing compliances for your product there.

6. Timeline

What is the timeframe for product development. This would help you in both working on a timeline and resource allocation. Work out relevant milestones

Having multiple technology choices for your product? Don't forget to read our blog on How to select technology for your product using a simple decision matrix. Hang On! There's something to learn from everything, we always focus on the good and learning from it but here's an interesting article I came across titled "Beaty of Bad Product Design" by Micah Bowers. Do give it a read to know about some bad but fancy designs

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